Business leasing & hire purchase options from Access Debt Solutions
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Business leasing & hire purchase options from Access Debt Solutions

Business leasing and hire purchase are financial tools which allow a business to use an asset over a specified term and are one of the best ways of ensuring that your business always has the most up to date equipment with which to operate and grow. In today´s marketplace almost anything can be financed, from plant and machinery through to electronic point of sale equipment.

The main benefits of business asset finance include:

There are two options available to a business - hire purchase or leasing:

  1. Hire purchase enables you to eventually secure ownership of the asset. The cost of an asset can be spread over its working life and paid for out of the revenue it earns and, from the outset, capital allowances can be claimed. After all the monthly or quarterly payments have been paid the asset belongs to the company.
  2. A leasing agreement gives a company full use of an asset for an agreed period of time at an agreed monthly or quarterly rental. The asset belongs to the finance company which claims the available capital allowances and passes the benefit on to the company via reduced rental charges. In general terms the full cost of lease rentals can be deducted from taxable income as a trading expense.

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